The ability to capture video interactions with prospects and clients is becoming more and more common. In a discussion with a friend who just moved back from the US, she said it’s very difficult to get travel approvals for most sales people. This means you have video conference as your next best tool. This doesn’t mean a $1400 a day studio, it’s you sitting at your iMac or PC and have a SKYPE conversation with your prospects.

At work we’ve built in a studio as part of our recent fit out. The studio enables a more professional feel when it comes to video conferencing. Better than the back of my colleagues head who sits behind me. The missing part for most people with video though is that once it’s done, it done. You can’t go back over and watch your SKYPE session, you can retrieve it from your CRM. What would be ideal is the ability to record the session and store it in your CRM just as you would record notes after a meeting and enter them in your CRM.

Take a look at what CRMNow have developed as a plug in for the Oracle CRM On Demand cloud based application.