The inclusion of social media as part of the business has become a ‘must have’ and is no longer a ‘nice to have’. Are you ready to make that happen in your business?

In conversations with prospects and clients, it’s clear to me that many Australian organisations of varying sizes are struggling to figure where social fits in their business.

For companies that have made the move to a SaaS or cloud based environment, the decision seems a little easier. For those companies that don’t allow their staff to logon to sites like or, they have other hurdles to jump before they consider trying to harness the power of social.

One Reason to Get Started With Social

Changes in the Australian market place may mean an enhanced need for publicly listed organisations to monitor the social world. From his April 15th article in The Australian, Andrew Main shared the following:

LISTED companies in Australia must be particularly careful to monitor social media when they have important announcements imminent, according to the ASX’s compliance manager Kevin Lewis.

“The ASX does not expect a listed entity to be monitoring social media at large for comments or rumours about it,” Mr Lewis said.

He said while Australia was not yet moving to a climate of legally enforceable monitoring, Mr Lewis made it clear that it is all but impossible to monitor all of social media and said “the expected monitoring is limited to investor blogs, chat-sites and other social media that the entity is aware of that regularly include postings about the entity”.

I’m not sure about you, but that last section of the quote in bold sounds like it was written by a lawyer. Given Oracle currently source 14,500,000 social sites* for their Social Cloud solution, how do you make sure you’re picking up everything you should be picking up?

The challenge for many companies is the “how”. How do we monitor? How do we outsource? How do we ensure we have the skills to do this internally? Will using Google cut it?

The solution to an enterprise problem is an enterprise solution. The two biggest players in this space, Oracle Corporation and, have social solutions to help. 

From Oracle you have Social Cloud or Social Relationship Management. These two names are the one solution, however the marketing is still a little fluid as of April 2013. Oracle provide social in two components 1. Social Engagement & Monitoring and 2. Social Marketing.

From you have Marketing Cloud. claim “The world’s only unified social marketing suite” as at 22 May, 2013. Oracle’s Social Cloud provides a single interface and integrates with other various Oracle Cloud (SaaS) solutions i.e. Sales Cloud, Service Cloud (RightNow), Oracle CRM On Demand and Siebel. More integrations are in the pipeline before the end of 2013.

Tips To Help You Navigate These Offerings

  1.  Same Language, Different Meaning. Oracle Corporation and use similar terms to describe different things. This can be difficult for someone exploring their solutions. The table below will help. “Marketing Term” is the language used by each organisation as their product name.


Marketing Term Oracle’s Solution’s Solution
Marketing Cloud = Eloqua i.e. Marketing Automation with email marketing = Social listening, Social Engagement and Social Marketing. NOT email marketing. Salesforce do not offer an email marketing solution. You will need to look at Eloqua, Marketo etc as a plugin.
Sales Cloud = A CRM solution with the usual components. Accounts, Leads, Contacts, Opportunities etc. = A CRM solution with the usual components. Accounts, Leads, Contacts, Opportunities etc.
Service Cloud = RightNow a purpose-built service orientated solution for service teams. As of April 2013 this is “RightNow” an Oracle acquisition. Over the coming months this will be more tightly integrated into the Oracle Cloud Solutions. = The same look and feel and user interface as the Sales Cloud. Service Cloud delivers a service orientated solution for service teams.
Social Cloud = Social Listening, Social Engagement and Social Marketing. NOT email marketing.  See “Marketing Cloud”.


*Note: e.g. a “Social Site” is Facebook. Facebook with all its pages constitute one site. Twitter is one site, Google Blogger is one site. You start to see quickly that 14,500,000 is a whole lot of listening.