It’s easy for various business owners to tell marketing to send an email. That’s all it is, it’s just an email, get it out today!

Well, good marketers understand execution without strategy is about as effective as winking at someone in the dark. Given today’s technology and the ease of executing, it’s easy to make a mess of your customer experience (CX) and potentially do more damage than good.

Some key things to consider before you hit send on your next digital campaign.

What’s your objective?

Why are you delivering an email to your prospect or customer base? While on the subject of prospects or customers, is the message the same for both? Some basic segmentation will go along way to making sure your message is contextual and relevant to the intended recipients. Who else in the business will be served by the outcome of this campaign? Sales? Service? Work with your colleagues to define the campaign objective.What’s your

Strategy & Channel execution preference?

Once you iron out your objective and understand who the target audience is, it’s time to work out the appropriate strategy. The strategy may have several components, it could be email, snail mail, a social element even press or TV. Profile your ideal client and understand where they are most likely to be presented with your message.

What does success look like?

Success metrics are often the forgotten part of a marketing campaign. Digital campaigns provide the most detailed level of reporting of all your campaign types. In addition, you’re profile building along the way, you’re capturing a person’s digital footprint which allows you to segment and then target them for future campaigns. Don’t prepare your success metrics in isolation to other areas of the business, specifically don’t leave sales in the dark.

Once the campaign has run and you’ve determined its success, learn from it. Review it, understand why it was a success, a failure or if it was just generally ok. Most of all, make sure data captured along the way and stored against your contact profile, typically in your CRM or marketing automation tool e.g. Eloqua, Marketo etc.