Sometimes the decision to resign is an easy one, but not always the case. While working at Ernst & Young that decision was made for me when the firm decided to close our business unit during the global financial crisis.

During my career I resigned once with no where to go, each other time I’ve been fortunate enough to have been headhunted. Always nice for the ego!

I recently resigned and accepted a new role with a Sydney based Eloqua (Oracle Marketing Cloud) reseller and agency. My role will be the Director of Customer Success & Marketing.

However, making the decision to move on can be a tough one. It’s said that people join companies and leave managers. That hasn’t always been the case for me. Those in my parents generation are still aghast at the amount of movement between jobs us “young folk” make.

The key difference in my parents day was that a company was generally loyal to their employees and people had one or maybe two jobs their entire working life. Times have changed.

Become your own brand.


Today, more than ever, we have the ability to create our own brand. Whether through blogs, LinkedIn group engagement or other online sites liked YouTube i.e. your own channel, you can become your own brand.

Making the decision to build your own brand just as you leave an employer or have been made redundant is not too late, but the earlier you start the better the results will be. I’ve created a list below of the Top 5 things you can do to build your own brand.

Top 5 Tips for building your own brand online.


1. Secure your domain

Having people visit you at www.randomblogname/45372/fget/firstname is never as attractive as I’d suggest you avoid being too “funky” with your domain name unless your name is John Smith or Jane Smith.



2. Select a blog platform

I’ve chosen WordPress, I find it has every plugin I’d ever want. I find it easy to use, powerful and it just works. In most cases it’s free.I’ve used an out of the box theme, added my photo’s and some plugins to achieve the level of functionality I’m looking for.



3. Have a Content strategy in place

Blogging once a month is really not enough, at least once a week is better. This means you need to have a plan for what you want to share on your blog. My aim for this blog is to share what I’ve learnt in my career and to build my brand. Those two work hand in hand for me. What’s your aim?



4. Social connections

A good blog platform will enable easy integration with social platforms. For example, when I blog, I have a WordPress plugin which then posts my blog update to my LinkedIn and Twitter accounts. Easy! Different folks can engage with me that way via which ever channel they prefer.



5. Keep it real 

Authenticity is critical, I hope you feel I’m keeping it real! If you use information from somewhere, tell people and provide links to that information. Don’t inflate yourself to be more than you are, just be you. There are people out there who are interested in you and your view of things. It’s too hard to maintain an alter ego.

Please share your experiences about moving on or
how you’ve gone about building your own brand.