A refreshing approach to CRM & The User Experience

We moved to what I understand is Release 7 of the Oracle Sales Cloud (Fusion CRM) application this week at work. I have to say from the outset, I really like it. The new Simplified User Interface is a really nice touch. It looks the same on my Mac in Safari as it does in Safari on the iPad and iPhone. It really looks like they’ve worked out how to build an interface that thinks iPad first or mobility first, that’s got to be a good thing.

For people on the go, this will be easy. You have everything you need right in front of you and it’s a very graphic oriented design, “mobile first” I suppose.

Sales Cloud Home Screen
The home screen uses iconography, much like most smart phones. I find it as easy to use on the iPad and iPhone as it is on the desktop. This is an enterprise CRM built with a “mobile first” philosophy.

No Need for Apps, But They Have A Cool One If You Need It.

Using the same login URL I use to access Oracle Sales Cloud on my Mac in Safari, I login the same way on the iPad and iPhone. Of course there is an app and it’s pretty cool. It’s built from the ground up as an iPad app and takes advantage of the Apple iOS.

What I Like Most About Oracle Sales Cloud

It’s probably the lack of congestion and the simplified user interface. For any mobile users, this interface will become the preferred way of working with Oracle Sales Cloud. It’s easy to navigate, it’s iPad and iPhone friendly. I can still get to the fully featured version of Oracle Sales Cloud if I need to, but I see very little to access it for what I do.

I’m really using Oracle Sales Cloud to capture my prospect and customer interactions. Record notes from meetings and make those available to the sales team and the management team.

What’s Next?

We’re now working to get Oracle Eloqua Marketing Cloud integrated with Oracle Sales Cloud. We have one of our technical guru’s attending a training session this week with Oracle, so hopefully I can update you on that process in a couple of weeks.