The new year seems to motivate change within some people. For some Modern Marketers it’s time to have some downtime and plan for the coming year. For the B2C Modern Marketer it’s a very busy time with post-Christmas sales.


I spent this past week with three Eloqua customers in Melbourne, each meeting was slightly different. One is in the Telecommunications industry, the other Automotive and the last one is a NFP serving a specific community segment. Each of these organisations do very different things, but they’re alike in many ways – the first being they use Oracle Eloqua Marketing Cloud .

Same Same

One common aspect across these three organisations was the need to nurture. Whether it’s nurturing donors, customers or dealers, a nurturing campaign is a valuable tool to keep you brand in front of people while balancing that with the delivery of content that adds value to the donor/customer.

From a Customer Experience (CX) point of view, nurturing is a way to deliver relevant content to people based on their digital body language and profile data.

Choosing the right content to be delivered at the right time can be at worse a hit and miss scenario or with some planning and insight, a more strategic exercise. However, when planning a nurturing campaign you need to be clear about your target audience and the message you’ll be sharing.

I sat with our NFP customer and we built a campaign which picks up members whose membership has lapsed within the past 90 days, they call it their “grace period”. The member still has access to services during this grace period. Eloqua, pulling membership data from Salesforce, will group all Contacts into a segment which will then be targeted with a membership renewal email. This segment is updated hourly and fully automated.

An Eloqua Tip



Nothing makes your email appear more like spam than it hitting someone’s inbox at 2:30am. You can ensure your email is only delivered within specific times directly from the Eloqua Campaign Canvas. Double click on the Email Element on the Campaign Canvas, then click on the Schedule button. You can now provide specific days and times for your email to be delivered.

Campaign Canvas Email Scheduling
The Eloqua Campaign Canvas provides a visual format to see the flow of your campaign, the emails, landing pages and actions based on your contact’s digital body language.

After sending the first reminder email, Eloqua will check with Salesforce to see if the person’s membership status has changed, if not it will send a second reminder after one week. A week later it check the membership status again and if the contact has not paid their membership fees, they’re dropped into a 12 month inactive member nurturing campaign.

What are your plans for 2014?

While you have a chance to take stock of what’s ahead in 2014, some planning and preparation work is a great way to start your year. In one of my customer meetings this week we started to look at upcoming events. There’s every reason to get these built in Eloqua now even if they won’t be ready to launch for a few months.

Avoiding the last minute rush to get your campaign built saves time, stress and possibly even money as you look at each step of a campaign and map it out in Eloqua on the Campaign Canvas.

Good luck for 2014.