Modern Marketers gain more from Oracle Eloqua Marketing Cloud

One of the great benefits of the Cloud is the typical 3 month upgrade cycle. New functions to bolster your ability to get more out of Oracle Eloqua Marketing Cloud. There are 40+ new features being released in the Summer 2014 Eloqua update, I wanted to focus on just a few of the high points in this post. I’ll explore more of them over the coming weeks.

Email_Icon 128x128pxlCreate a Simple Email Campaign

I was initially hesitant about this upgrade. I spent much of my day with customers encouraging them to do more than simple batch email campaigns i.e. a single Segment followed by one email. That’s it, no decision criteria e.g. did they open the email? Yes or No? Then send a repeat to those that didn’t open the email.

However, it’s clear that from time to time we all need the ability to do exactly that, define a Segment of contacts and send a single email. It’s often needed to get out an announcement of some sort. Perhaps the target Segment is about a product announcement etc.

The new Create a Simple Email Campaign feature doesn’t necessarily save you time, creating a single step campaign on the Eloqua Campaign Canvas is literally a 5 minute exercise. The upside to the Create a Simple Email Campaign feature is the elegance of the compilation of the assets and the available reporting in a simple wizard style interface.

Click Here to see screen shots of the end-user experience.

Enhanced Eloqua Profiler

Eloqua 10 Summer 2014 Profiler 580x362


The new Profiler sports a great new design and consolidates more information on one screen reducing the need for the user to click-through to various views. A summary of the enhancements is below:

  • Feed of activities with the most recent at the top of the list, with no extra clicks
  • More modern look and feel
  • External activities to give a 360-degree view of the buyer
  • Filters for each activity type (for example: Email Sent, Web Page Viewed, etc.)
  • Activity Search to find specific text within the history of the feed
  • View the Contact’s Lead Score (with setting to change lead score model, for instance if you have both enterprise and consumer divisions.)
  • Title and Name of Company
  • Contact information including email address, phone number and Twitter handle

Functionality in Classic Profiler that is not in Profiler Stream View:

  • Most recent search term and search engine
  • Subscribed or unsubscribed to emails
  • Embedded Twitter Feed (instead, links to actual Twitter feed)

Profiler Stream View as the Default Profiler Experience:

  • Profiler Stream View will be the default experience with the summer release. There is no url change and no flag needs to be set.

Classic Profiler still exists:

  • If you wish to continue using Classic Profiler, then add “&stream=false” in the Profiler URL.

For example:

  • If you are using direct login then originally the URL for a lead was: https:///apps/profiler/index.aspx?emailAddress={!} now it will be https:///apps/profiler/index.aspx?emailAddress={!}&stream=false

Discover More About Oracle Eloqua Marketing Cloud at Topliners

Click Here to access Eloqua’s online community of users – Topliners. Search for “Summer 2014” and discover more about the functionality being rolled out over June/July 2014. You may need to create a FREE account to access some information.