Content Marketing is on everyone’s radar

This past week I met with a publishing customer using Oracle Marketing Cloud (Eloqua). The team from Oracle joined us at this meeting to demonstrate Oracle Content Marketing.

I’d previously had a conversation with our customer and asked them if the following resonated with them:

“Are your various pieces of content sitting on the team’s C:drives, network drives and are you managing the approval process via email through various members of the marketing team and legal?”. They laughed and said yes. 

Content Marketing – Start Here

It’s time to untangle the mess

If you had a chuckle to yourself because the description above also resonated with you, then there is a solution to the problem. In a nutshell, Oracle Content Marketing provides you with a platform to drive the 5 Principles of Content Marketing. What are they? You’re probably aware, you’re already doing it today.

Technology alone is rarely the solution

Earlier this week, a customer who is the CMO at a financial services firm tweeted a link to a blog post from the eConsultancy. In addition to the post my customer tweeted, I discovered additional blog posts that covered various aspects of Content Marketing. Three posts in particular caught my attention:

  1. The Content Marketing Team Matrix
  2. The Periodic Table of Content Marketing and 
  3. Digital Content Strategy Best Practice Guide

A careful review of these three resources got me excited. Ok, I’m a geek, I get that. However the world of content marketing is fraught with many traps and pitfalls. Significant time can be invested in developing content either by an individual or worse, by an entire team. With no measurement in place or a defined process to measure against, this investment can be wasted.

Marketing is not a dark art, however we’re amongst the last in most businesses to apply a process to what we do.

Our colleagues in finance, support/service and sales have had clear business processes for many years. Finance has an ERP to support them. Sales and Service have the CRM. What about Marketing? Once you understand your buyer’s journey and integrate content with the buying stages as outlined in your organisation’s opportunity management process, you can begin to develop content that will have the most impact on your buyer’s journey.

Introducing The Periodic Table of Content Marketing from eConsultancy

Introducing The Periodic Table of Content Marketing from eConsultancy

Chris Lake from the eConsultancy developed this brilliant tool. I’ll certainly be sharing with my customers as we talk more about Content Marketing. I see this, and the other resources from Chris listed above, as tools to help support the idea of a process for content marketing.
Content Marketing – Start Here

Using technology to help drive your content marketing strategy

Going back to my conversation earlier this week with my publishing customer, their excitement around Oracle Content Marketing was palpable. I think they were geeking out as much as I was. Oracle Content Marketing is built on the 5 Principles of Content Marketing as listed below.

The 5 Principles of Content Marketing

Acknowledgement & disclaimer

Portions of this blog post have been reproduced with content developed by eConsultancy and Oracle Corporation. I’m not employed by either of these organisations, but I do work for Marketing Cube an authorised Gold Level Partner and certified Oracle Marketing Cloud Business Partner. I blog regularly for Marketing Cube.