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This past week I spent two days with members of the Not-for-Profit industry at the annual Fundraising Institute Australia conference in Brisbane.

My Noosa plans got postponed due to cyclone Marcia, but I managed to stay with some friends in New Farm where I’ve started on a campaign to reach out to the people we met and those who have opted into hear from us

Tips for NFP’s, your data & donors, supporters & engagement

Persona Development & Content Marketing

During my Friday morning session, I focused on Data, People and Process. In this context, I talked about ways of engaging donors and supporters through content marketing. However, before getting too excited about content marketing, persona development is the right place to start.

Why Personas?

The development of personas by the marketing team is the starting point to helping you understand the most appropriate way to communicate with your various donors, supporters etc. It’s very likely that your team already has a very good idea of the types of people who align themselves to your organisation.

The development process of personas generally starts from a “gut feel” position or if you have budget, you may be in a position to commission research to build your personas.

Regardless of your approach, your objective is to end up with 5-7 personas which broadly represent the types of people who associate or align themselves with your organisation.

An example

The three “people” below give you a basic idea of how you could represent your donors and/or supporters in the format of a persona. The idea of giving the persona a name and  a face helps the team relate to them and see them not simply as a bullet pointed list of characteristics or profile points.


Tips for NFP’s, your data & donors, supporters & engagement

Jenny Jacobson

Jenny is a regular giver. She’s married with children and is a working mum. She’s generally happy to volunteer for one or two events throughout the year, but her family comes first. Her annual income is in excess of $135,000.

She’s passionate about what we do based on a personal experience in her immediate family. Jenny is aged between 30-50 years of age.

Tips for NFP’s, your data & donors, supporters & engagement

Timothy Elder

Timothy is an annual donor, using tax time to make his contribution. He’s passionate about our organisation and is influential on social media with a Klout score above 65. His annual income is between $65,000 – $95,000.

He’s single, lives in the inner city and does not own a car. He’s aged between 25-35 years.

Tips for NFP’s, your data & donors, supporters & engagement

Prudence Davis

Prudence is retired. She and her partner own their own home. Prudence is involved in various volunteering roles with our organisation and is happy to share our core mission objectives with her friends and neighbours.

She’s interested in ways she can support the work we do in developing nations where we work and she has opportunity to travel.

The 7 1/2 Deadly Sins of Content Marketing
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Some helpful resources for you.

Click here to view an infographic as part of a campaign I produced for work. Please share any comments or ask a question below.

The 7 1/12 Deadly Sins of Content Marketing is a fun read filled with great ideas and tips.

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