One idea for Content, it’s just a matter of asking a few questions

The Content we create must add value. Sometimes ideas come at the most odd moments. I’m spending a long weekend on the Gold Coast in Queensland, Australia. We’ve been to Warner Brothers Movie World, jet boating, Sea World and more.

For some bizzare reason, the idea of a survey to our installed base of Oracle Marketing Cloud Eloqua customers hit me while walking around Movie World.

Where to begin? An objective.

When I wear my pre-sales hat and I’m spending time with prospects, they generally have questions about the ease of use of Eloqua and they generally want to hear how customers are using Eloqua.

My objective then is to understand a few key points about our Eloqua user community and to explore and capture their feelings about the application and how it impacts their various campaigns.

Feedback from our customers will vary, there are those who use Eloqua day in and day out. Then there are others who design their campaigns, but outsource the build to off-shore support centres e.g. in India and the Phillipines.

The Campaign Canvas – Oracle Marketing Cloud Eloqua

Other input to help with Content Marketing

I recently conducted a session for our Eloqua User Group which focussed on the Eloqua Campaign Canvas. The Canvas is the brains of Eloqua, it’s a visual workflow tool that enables the user to map out their campaign and see exactly how it will unfold over time. Eloqua calls this a “multistep” campaign.

When the session concluded, I realised we need to become more proactive in seeking feedback from attendees about the user group meetings to ensure the material we’re delivering is helping them get more out of Eloqua.

Done regularly, post event survey data could also feed into various pieces of content marketing.

Next steps

I’m still thinking through how to best prepare the data following the capturing of the data from the survey. I can’t make it to long, I think I need to cap the time required to complete the survey to no more than three to six minutes.

This means I need to ask very specific and pointed questions. The questions need to provide value back to those answering the survey. My primary target audience will be prospects once the survey is compiled, but I think it’s important to provide some feedback to our customers.

The ideas keep coming when you start to brainstorm

As I’ve been writing this blog post, a few more ideas have come to mind. I talk with customers all the time about onboarding campaigns. Many do this, but perhaps we’re missing an opportunity to capture data along the way that could be used for content marketing.

We’re in a good place at work when it comes to content, the Oracle Marketing Cloud marketing team is a machine when it comes to developing content. Plus, they have deep pockets to engage third parties to help build that content.

While I take advantage of that content and share it with out prospects and customers, developing our own content is also a really good idea.

Over the coming months and in the lead up to Christmas, my planning will focus on how to get more out of these various campaigns with an overiding objective to capture data that can be used for our own content marketing.