Marketing Automation Specialist

The #3 in-demand job for 2020

If a career change is just what you need in 2020, then it’s worthwhile understanding which jobs are in demand. In Linkedin’s recent 2020 Emerging Jobs Report Australia, as reported in, you’ll find the #3 job is Marketing Automation Specialist.

What does a Marketing Automation Specialist do?

According to Linkedin it’s about streamlining cross-channel marketing processes, optimising those channels to identify potential customers while providing them with relevant information. The main objective being to produce marketing qualified leads for provision to the sales team.

The final key point Linkedin makes in their description of the Marketing Automation Specialist, is someone who is able to “unleash the full potential of the data collected”.

I think that’s a good description, but in my own use of Marketing Automation and what I see clients using Oracle Marketing Cloud Eloqua for, there is much more to it.

My observations of Marketing Automation Specialists.

There are a few key areas where I consistently see clients use Marketing Automation to help with their marketing objectives. 

They are as follows:

  • Lead generation & capture
  • Lead nurture
  • Event marketing & registration management
  • Thought leadership distribution
  • Newsletters
  • Internal team communications
  • Business partner & stakeholder communications

In addition, more clients are using Marketing Automation to help with Customer Service communication requirements.

How am I qualified to comment on the role of Marketing Automation Specialists?

Since 2013, I’ve been employed by Marketing Cube, an award winning Oracle Marketing Cloud Eloqua business partner, based in Sydney.

In my role as Director of Marketing & Customer Success, I spend my time with Eloqua clients helping them get the most from their investment. The role include strategy consulting, end-user training and general advice.

My background in CRM technology since 1999 and sales process methodology since 1997 has provided me with unique insight into the use of Marketing Automation to drive marketing qualified leads and other general marketing campaigns.

Do you have the skills needed to be a Marketing Automation Specialist?

My first tip would be, this isn’t rocket science, anyone can develop the skills needed. I’ve listed below some of the common attributes of the more successful Marketing Automation Specialists I’ve seen over the years.

A solid understanding of Marketing

While a degree in Marketing is a desirable quality, I see a mix of skill sets in the clients I work with. Some have moved into the Marketing Automation Specialist role from a traditional marketing background and others from a technology/I.T. or even designer background.

Of those who I would suggest are successful or are the ones that “get it”, the common attribute is an understanding of data and the digital aspects of marketing. Those who struggle, are still thinking in analogue. They don’t have an appreciation for the modern buyer or the process people go through, they’re still focussed on printing beautiful brochures and collecting business cards at events.

Being a team player

I have clients using Eloqua with teams varying from one person, to teams spread across various continents. For the larger teams, roles are often broken into various disciplines. This means you need good communication skills, you need to be able to clearly articulate objectives and from time to time negotiate how your campaign will play out.

A good knowledge of CRM

Customer Relationship Management platforms like Oracle Sales Cloud, Salesforce CRM, Siebel, Sugar CRM and others are essential to your understanding of managing the customer journey process. Integration between CRM and Marketing Automation is critical to delivering Marketing Qualified Leads (MQL’s).

The successful Marketing Automation Specialist is able to segment data using both profile data (CRM) and Digital Body Language™ as captured by the Marketing Automation Platform. This task is simple when you have a good knowledge of the data structure of the CRM.  

Business Acumen

This is a tough one. Some can attain this, perhaps with the help of a MBA, some may even come from a Sales background before entering Marketing. Either way, a successful Marketing Automation Specialist must understand attribution (the ability to know how a campaign has delivered leads) and the dollars required to drive successful campaigns.

A Brand Marketer needs to be able to look beyond the confines of guidelines and develop ways to engage people with content that drives actions that, not simply leave people with positive feelings of the brand. 

Industry variables for Marketing Automation Specialists

Linkedin identify the following as the top industries as adopters of Marketing Automation:

  1. Marketing & Advertising
  2. High Education
  3. Information Technology & Services

I agree with the above and have clients in each of those industries. In addition, I have clients in the following industries also using Oracle Marketing Cloud Eloqua:

  1. A range of Professional Services firms
  2. Legal Services firms
  3. Real Estate Developers
  4. Real Estate Agents
  5. Manufacturing i.e. Automotive
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In summary

If you’re excited about data, about understanding the journey people must go through to purchase goods or services today and you enjoy using technology to do the above, then you’re in a good position to search for Marketing Automation Specialist roles.

If you’re hiring people for this role, you need to look for cross-functional skill sets from your candidates. Skill sets limited to event management, SEO, design or CRM administration are not quite enough. However, if you identify business acumen in your candidates, then I’d suggest they can make the leap to a successful career as a Marketing Automation Specialist.