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Merimbula Autumn 2013

A little about Derek

About Derek

When I turned 40 I started to think about 50! How can I arrive at 50 and not have shared the things I’ve learnt along the way?

A blog seemed like the right solution. Over the years I’ve worked for some fantastic and not so amazing companies.

The common thread throughout the past 25 years has been a focus on sales and marketing. I’ve always loved technology, I was a geeky Mac kid at high school and bought my first Mac, a MacPlus 1mb in 1987.

This blog is a mixture of things, but one key goal I have is to share what I’ve learnt and what I continue to learn.

Please let me know if you find the blog helpful. You can see a little more about me on LinkedIn. I currently work for an Oracle CX Marketing Certified Gold Partner in Australia, Marketing Cube.

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