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Social Media & Modern Marketing

My View of Social Media

The development of social media continues to grow and morph. The ability of businesses to capture and capitalise on social media will be a challenge for years to come. In the past few years, there has been so much change in this area, it’s really difficult for most companies to consider a five-year social media plan or strategy.

Such a plan would miss technologies that don’t even exist today. Remember, Facebook only launched in February of 2004 Is it hard to think of life before Facebook?

Community Engagement

Probably the nirvana of any marketing team is having people participate and engage with them once they create a social media platform. Many companies have had some success with their social media strategies, many in the B2C space. Understanding what success looks like before you determine if a project was a success is key.

Are there are dollars attached to the “what does success look like” view? Go easy on yourself the first time, take a look at your competitors and see what they’re doing. The best advice is to talk to your customer sand prospects and find out from them what they think.

How would each of these parties like to engage with your business? Don’t assume your 23 year old social media expert knows these answers. Social media crosses most demographics, be as inclusive as you can as you do your research.

Building an Online Community

Once you make the decision to go social, you’ll find the need for Community Managers. This unique type of person probably already exists in your organisation.