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Eloqua for Dummies

A guide for new or recent users of Eloqua

Let’s start at the beginning

Since 1999 Eloqua has provided users the opportunity to deliver unique customer experiences with cutting edge technology.

In December 2012 Eloqua customers received a massive boost with the acquisition of Eloqua by Oracle Corporation.

In late 2012 Oracle outlined the following as part of the reason they acquired Eloqua:

“The combination of Oracle and Eloqua is expected to create a comprehensive Customer Experience Cloud offering to help companies transform the way they market, sell, support and serve their customers.

The combined offering is expected to enable organisations to provide a highly personalised and unified experience across channels, create brand loyalty through social and online interactions, grow revenue by driving more qualified leads to sales teams, and provide superior service at every touchpoint.”*

*SOURCE: Oracle Press Release

About Eloqua for Dummies

How to use this guide

Given the changing nature of Eloqua as a SaaS product and combined with quarterly releases from Oracle, there will be many links from this guide to Oracle online resources. 

For example the Oracle Eloqua Help Centre, Topliners and others. This will help ensure you have access to the most current and up to date information about Eloqua.

In addition I will add my own insight and tips to help you understand Eloqua better and how to get up to speed faster.

Why this guide

Following a webinar I hosted in 2019 and the following question from a customer, I decided there was a need. The customer asked:

“Do you have a resource where beginners like myself can access tutorials for the basic functions and capabilities of Eloqua? Like an “Eloqua for Dummies” guide, perhaps?” 

They do exist, however thinking further I believe there is room for a guide like this one.

Good to know

This guide will grow over the coming months and years and I will be editing all sections from time to time.

My primary focus will be on the areas of Eloqua I find customers have the most questions about.

We’ll begin with the Campaign Canvas and develop further from there.

I’ll also develop a resource page that will take you to many of the Oracle Eloqua online resources that you can access today.

How to get started

You can access various chapters via the Eloqua for Dummies menu above or click here. Have fun and let me know what you think or if you have any questions.