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Dummies start here.


If you don’t have time to read, start with these resources.

Marketing Cube YouTube Channel

DISCLAIMER: I work at Marketing Cube and much of the content on this YouTube Channel has been produced by me or members of my team.

You’ll find replays of the popular Eloqua User Group, some tips for Eloqua users and more.

The Eloqua User Group replays can be watched at your desk while working on other tasks.

Oracle LaunchPad – Free Oracle Cloud Training

LaunchPad provides FREE eLearning, video and text based modules for Oracle Cloud customers. As an Eloqua user, scroll down to Software as a Service (SaaS) then click on Oracle Marketing and you’ll see Learning Paths for Eloqua.

This Learning Path is applicable for anyone who is new to Eloqua. The training included is applicable to the following job roles: 

  • Marketing Strategy, Campaign Execution, Marketing Creative, Marketing Operation, Sales Operation & Sales Representative.

This Learning Path covers: 

  • Navigation of the application
  • Contacts, Accounts, and Segments
  • Responsive and Source Editors
  • Simple and Complex Campaigns
  • Reporting

Oracle CX Marketing Help Centre YouTube Channel

Keep in mind Oracle’s Help Centre channel covers a range of applications in the Oracle CX Marketing suite of products.

You will find playlists for Eloqua, Responsys and others.