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Oracle Cloud Solutions

In the past, you may have viewed Oracle as an expensive enterprise solution and provider of databases. Today, Oracle’s cloud-based or SaaS solutions mean the small business owner can untie themselves from small I.T. shops and access enterprise standard technology that won’t send them broke. I’ve covered some of the Oracle Cloud solutions below and given a brief explanation as to the level of functionality.

Oracle Marketing Cloud

Oracle Marketing Cloud Eloqua, part of the Oracle Cloud Suite of applications, provides enterprise standard marketing automation. Oracle acquired Eloqua around September of 2012.

Oracle Marketing Cloud Eloqua is a powerful marketing automation tool. If you’re just looking to send emails, Eloqua may be over kill. However, if you’re really trying to engage with your prospects, clients, members or students and deliver meaningful comms at every level, it is the right solution.

Oracle has integrated Eloqua with their Sales Cloud CRM application as well as the Oracle Service and Social Clouds.

Oracle Marketing Cloud is a suite of SaaS applications delivering a range of marketing solutions for organisations of all sizes. I have clients in finance, not-for-profit, higher education, event management, finance and manufacturing. Some are B2B, other B2C. 

How to Create a Campaign in Oracle Marketing Cloud Eloqua

This short video will show you how simple it is to create a campaign with Oracle Marketing Cloud Eloqua. I spend the majority of my time with our Eloqua clients. In my role of Director of Customer Success my total focus is to ensure our clients maximise their investment with Oracle and deliver a magical customer experience or CX.

Eloqua’s Campaign Canvas, or multi-step campaign builder is one of the key aspects of the application that make the CX task an easy one. Watch this short video to see why.

Oracle Marketing Cloud Eloqua | The Campaign Canvas

Oracle Sales Cloud

Seven years in the making, Oracle’s Sales Cloud is a CRM built for the mobile and socially connected sales team. It’s mobile ready out of the box and provides the most flexibility I’ve seen in a mobile app. The actual interface is mobile/iPad friendly without the need of an app, however the mobile app does give you more functionality.

You can access Sales Cloud from your iPhone, Android or iPad devices. Your CRM administrator has the flexibility to create different views on the various mobile apps based on the users access privileges. Most other CRM mobile apps push out a single view which can’t be changed.

Oracle Sales Cloud | CRM

The UI (user interface) is clean, although different from other CRM systems. It’s really a combination of Siebel CRM and Oracle CRM On Demand, but the functionality is closer to Siebel CRM which is a good and not so good thing.

Whereas Oracle’s CRM On Demand and’s Salesforce CRM can essentially be turned on and used “out of the box”, Oracle’s Sales Cloud requires extensive set up which will impact the time from purchase to go live. In the scheme of things this is not really a bad thing because the depth of functionality available is greater than each of these other systems.

It Really Depends What Your Business Needs Are

As with any decision to purchase a new CRM, you need to be clear about your business requirements. An Oracle Partner can help you go through this process and determine exactly what’s needed and then determine what should be “turned on” in order to deliver the best possible solution.

The other smart reason for choosing Oracle Sales Cloud would be a degree of “future proofing” your investment. Oracle Sales Cloud plugs into a range of Fusion Applications  so as your business grows the system can grow with you. Facebook chose Oracle to help them build their business.

With Oracle Sales Cloud you can quickly and easily create custom reports and dashboards for more insightful selling.